The 5 Rs Explained

Our categories explained – welcome to the 5 Rs of effective parenting.

We love easy ways to remember things and the 5 Rs represent our simple method for reminding you about your most valuable parenting resources. By focusing your parenting energy on these 5 areas you can step toward the daily challenges of family life with more confidence, clarity and connectedness. In other words, the 5 Rs represent the cornerstones of effective parenting.

The most valuable Resources for parenting in the Modern World


R #1 Relationship.

The most protective and valuable resource for children in any environment is a plugged-in relationship with you.


R #2 Regulation.

The ability to stay in charge of your emotions and your attention helps you stay balanced and healthy and plugged-in to your kids in the Digital World.


R #3

Skills are needed in order to be successful at anything – parenting, schooling, managing technology …. Skills take time and practice to develop.


R #4

Opportunities to reflect on and learn from both mistakes and successes are necessary for growth, learning and adaptive, effective functioning.


R #5

Sleep is one of the most important resources for health and well-being.


The robust benefits of the 5Rs to your children’s well-being and success have been extensively studied and conclusively proven. Effective parents have been employing these fundamentals for eons to raise healthy, resilient children in all kinds of environments. The 5Rs are just as effective now, in the Digital Age, as they’ve ever been. By focusing your attention on developing and using the 5 Rs you can optimally influence, prepare and protect your children as they explore and adapt to the demands of the Digital World. You can do this!