A bit about the name.

At BeCuriousNotFurious, we are passionate about promoting understanding and information about the amazing benefits and protective power of parents’ relationships with their children. Decades of research show that a safe, secure and nurturing relationship with a caretaking adult is the best, most powerful and protective resource available to children. Such relationships dramatically reduce the risk of harm to children associated with just about any adverse experience. Our name serves as a mantra and easy reminder that when we stay curious, we can nurture and protect our children far better than when we are furious. Curiosity does wonders for all kinds of relationships and can also improve overall well-being and achievement. The name thus encapsulates the overarching goal of most of what you will find here.

What we offer.

Each week we will offer insight and practical strategies for how to tap into the power of your relationship with your child using curiosity and other other strategies. All of our advice is firmly grounded in research findings, knowledge of theory and experience working with children and families. We are skilled “link-titioners”— we take the research “out there,” translate it into understandable language and then show you manageable ways to use it and see what it looks like in your homes.

A pause for gratitude.

Thank you for caring about the well-being of your children and being curious enough about how to support it to seek out resources like ours. We look forward to sharing what we know with you.